Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BURKINA-FASO - El Hadji Hamado Kanazoe - Maitre Coranique Secteur 19 Vol. 1, Ouagadougou

El Hadji Hamado Kanazoe - Maitre Coranique Secteur 19 Vol. 1, Ouagadougou (Cassette)

Sufi Wazu singing from Burkina Faso

Sufi Wazu singing from Burkina Faso

Sufi Wazu singing from Burkina-Faso

Marvelous Sufi Wazu singing by Hamado Kanazoe with backup vocals. In 2001, I visited a cassette shop in Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso, specialized in Mossi music (in the Moré language) where I found three cassettes by Hamado Kanazoe (out of a total of nine, if I remember correctly) that were recommended by the knowledgeable vendors and a group of passionate aficionados hanging out at the shop to socialize and listen to great music. Sadly, I’m not sure how many Burkinabé these days still listen to much of their wonderful traditional music.

Merveilleux chant soufi Wazu par Hamado Kanazoe accompagné de choeurs. En 2001, je me suis rendu dans un magasin de cassettes à Ouagadougou spécialisé en musique Mossi (en langue Moré) où j'ai notamment trouvé trois cassettes d'Hamado Kanazoe (sur un total de 9 si je me souviens bien) recommandées par des vendeurs avertis et un petit groupe de passionnés de musique dans le magasin. Malheureusement, je ne suis pas certain que beaucoup de Burkinabés continuent aujourd'hui à écouter de la musique traditionnelle.


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful recording. I just recently moved away from Burkina after living in Ouagadougou for five years. I found that a lot of young Burkinabe continue to listen to traditional music but no one I met, including lots of musicians and fervent muslims knew the spiritual music of el Hadj Hamado Kanazoe.

    I interviewed Kanazoe back in 2008. Here are a few details on his life. El Hadj Hamado Kanazoe is one of my favorite African Sufi singers. He was born in Mané, not far from the town of Kaya, in north-central Burkina Faso, and since 1970 has been living in Ouagadougou. El Hadj Kanazoe started singing when he was 12 years old and has released 15 studio recordings. El Hadj Hamado Kanazoe is a disciple of the Tidjani leader Cheikh Aboubakar Doukouré.

    This link to my old blog contains some tracks from another of his recordings.


  2. Matthew,
    Talking to someone about Kanazoe is hardly an everyday occurrence! I see that you posted some of his music way back in 2010. Will definitively listen to it. Tell me, did you pick up music cassettes from other ethnic groups in Burkina, like the Bissa etc. ? I mostly spent time in the East: Gourma, Kompienga and Tapoa. I will post some more nice Moré cassettes (Salou, Ouedraogo Issaka, etc) shortly.

  3. Hello,
    Yes. I did pick up some nice Bissa cassettes, some cassettes from Dedougou, and cassettes from the North (Peul). I also have a fair amount of recordings of Gourmantche music, of Lobi music (southwest) and some of Senoufo music (west). I will, at some point, post the best of these on my current blog. https://thewealthofthewise.blogspot.com/

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    1. Kanazoe's Sufi music is very special indeed. I have a few other of his cassettes I should post.